Spring Cleaning with Redeemer Saturday, March 28th

Don’t forget: Saturday there will be a work day at the church to clean everything up in time for Easter. The below message is from Greg Stump to a) give you a sense of what needs to be accomplished and b) help you discern if you should bring your kids along or not. We’ll be starting at 8:00AM and going till around noon. PLEASE NOTE: It is forecasted to be in the 90’s this weekend so PLEASE bring plenty of water and snacks. 
We have three main projects—it will depend on how many people show up for us to know if we can do all three.
The first is windexing windows of Ed building and sanctuary—kids can help with this if parents are monitoring their work.  We also want to vacuum the pews and oil the pew backs—kids could help with vacuuming, but probably shouldn’t do the oiling.
The second is cleaning up the hillside on Imperial of weeds & Chinese elm shoots.  This would only be for mature teens whom you wouldn’t mind being out by a major street.
The third would be painting the stairs in the courtyard that lead to the Ed building, as well as that wood picnic table.  We wouldn’t want a mess, so again, only mature kids should help with this.