The success and growth of a church is due not only to faithful attendance and tithing of parishioners, but to the willing hearts and hands of parishioners who want to serve and volunteer their time in many aspects, from weekly childcare and education to setting up for the service. Below are some ways that you volunteer to help ACE grow as a healthy church family.

Altar Guild

If you have a heart for preparing the Lord’s Supper then this ministry might be for you. Those over the age of 18 with strong precision and housekeeping abilities fit this role well.  It is also fitting for introverted individuals as there's a lot of time to pray as you set up. Altar Guild members set up before the service and clean up afterwards. It is very like preparing for and cleaning up after a meal (i.e., the Eucharist!). Altar Guild is scheduled two months at a time. 1-3 Sundays per month, depending on availability with slightly more services during Holy Week. It's fine to ask to be trained and then decide whether or not the ministry is a good fit for you, as training is not difficult. For more information, please contact the Altar Guild Director Jessica Snell at

Liturgical Ministers

If you have a desire to serve at the Lord's table on Sunday's during the Eucharist, there are a variety of ways you can do that. Whether your desire is, lighting and extinguishing the candles as an acolyte and torch bearer, carrying the cross in the procession as the crucifer, reading the lessons or actually assisting the priest or deacon set the table at the Eucharist, simply contact Elena Potter at Some roles (like lay- reading and serving at the altar) require that members be confirmed Anglicans. Steve will be able to provide you with more information and answer any questions regarding serving during the Eucharist.

Children’s Church

If you want to serve the children in our parish this position might be for you. This position has easy to follow lessons and activities. Often times, you may be assisting and the teacher leading will ask you to help out by being another individual the children can go to if they need help or guiding them through the lesson or activity. To serve in this position, you must be at least 18 years old and undergo a background check. You would only be serving approximately once a month. For more information, please contact Christina Peters at (562) 320-9945.


If you have a vocal background, or other musical background, or a desire to learn to sing then come join the choir!  We also have non-musical service roles available, such as music librarian, and cassock curator. All adults are welcome; children are welcome if they have the ability to focus and participate through a 75 minute rehearsal on Thursday evenings and can arrive early (4:15pm) to prepare before mass each Sunday.  There are occasional extra rehearsals to prepare for Advent or Holy Week. Serving in choir is a joyful, downright fun way to be involved in ministry! We have a wonderful group of people who enjoy singing together, and our time together is full of laughter. This is a low stress commitment, and no one will be mad at you if you need to miss a rehearsal or are out of town on Sunday. For more information, please contact our Parish Administrator, Elena Potter at

Prayer Ministry

If you are a gifted listener, have compassion, and discernment, this ministry may be for you. There are two ways you can serve: either on the prayer chain, or as a prayer minister during the service. During the service you would need to be willing to set aside the time after receiving communion to be available to others; sometimes no one comes to request prayer but you can still be praying for those in the pews or other requests you know of. For the prayer chain, when people ask for prayers it can be a wonderful way to connect with them, as they let you into their hearts and into their place of need and allow you to be with them there. The goal of the prayer ministry is not to fix people's problems nor to give advice, but simply to listen and then to come to the Lord with the person in spoken prayer, bringing their need to him for help and looking to him in faith to be with them in it and to care for them in it. All are welcome but participants should have the maturity to listen to the needs of others and keep confidential what is shared. For more information, please contact Fr. Greg Peters at


If you are over 18 and would like to serve "behind the scenes" you would be well-suited to the sexton position.  It's an opportunity to get a little exercise while serving God. The set-up requires showing up at 4:00; unlock church; arrange furniture (approximately 20 lbs) in the sanctuary (move steps, raise altar, set up credence table); turn on/set up the sound system; set up our sign on front lawn; set up tables and chairs for the potluck. The lock-up requires resetting furniture in sanctuary (lower altar, return credence table and steps to original locations); turn off the sound system; put away tables and chairs from the potluck; possibly vacuum in gym; turn off lights and AC; lock up gym and church. In all, the time commitment would be 1-2 hours per shift. Shifts would be assigned every few weeks or months, depending on number of volunteers. If you're only available to come early for set up or stay late for lock-up, that can be arranged too. Folks are also welcome to show up and help out on a week-by-week basis (like the kids do), but we could really use more dedicated volunteers to spread out the commitment. For more information, please contact the lead sexton, Adam Snell at


If you want to serve in a quiet but essential role of the church this position might be for you. To serve as an usher you would serve approximately once a month arriving 15-20 minutes before the start of service to prepare the service booklets and staying 10 minutes after the end of service to collect the booklets and remove all trash from the sanctuary. You would be responsible for counting those present for the service, finding two individuals to bring forward the gifts (bread and wine) at the start of the communion service, and dismissing rows to receive communion. For more information, please contact Elena Potter at